Why I’m Worth It

You may be wondering, “Why should I use you when my nephew (or brother, or friend) only charges $20 per hour?

Good question. Here’s the answer:

You aren’t paying me $80/hour to push the mouse around. You are paying me to use my brains. You are paying for my years of experience and education. You are paying for my reliabililty and attention to detail.

Anyone can learn how to use a computer and make a website. That part is easy. But making it work, making it usablenavigable, and professional – and doing all that on time and on budget – is much more difficult.

When you add me to your your team, you get my years of experience in making websites that work. I will solve the navigation problems. I study principles of usability. I will figure out how to best present your information. I will explain all of the options to you. I pay attention to the details. I work quickly to give you reliable service you can depend on.

When you hire me, you will have less headaches and your website will function correctly and beautifully. In the end, that is the real bargain.