Rush Service

Need an update for your website or project and need it today? Have a design need that you didn’t anticipate? I understand. Sometimes things come up that are difficult to predict.

If you’re able to wait up to 5 business days for those emergency updates, I can usually work you into my schedule at my standard rate, which is $90/hour. However, sometimes waiting that long isn’t feasible. That’s why I offer rush service. For $140/hour, I will make the fix to your website or project within 24 hours, on a case-by-case basis.

Why the cost difference?

  1. All of my clients are very important to me. I have many projects that I am always working on, and they are usually on tight deadlines. Putting your project before another project means the other one could get delayed. With the difference in cost, we are able to eliminate all but the absolute necessary fixes. This way, other projects don’t get delayed. And when it’s your project that has been previously booked, you’ll thank me that I make you a priority!
  2. My family is very important to me. I love what I do! The reason I do what I do is so that I can provide for and spend time with my family. This means when I’m working during evenings and weekends, it takes valuable time away from them. That opportunity comes at a premium. I try to keep that to a minimum, and this helps me do so.


I will let you know when the rush fee is necessary before doing the work, so there are no surprises. I do my best to estimate the number of hours it will take. Sometimes that isn’t an exact science and I may give you a range of hours to expect. There also may be times when I am not able to perform the updates within 24 hours, if I’m out of town or if it simply will not fit in my schedule. Thanks for your understanding!

Can you make an exception just this once?

I care about you and your urgent issue. That’s why I’m happy to offer this solution! From time to time all come up against situations out of our control that need to be solved immediately. I totally understand. I often get asked whether I’m able to make exceptions to the rush fee. Unfortunately, I am not.